28 June 2011

Fine and Fashionable Furniture

One of the great things about the Homegrown fair is that you will not only see really cool designs and artworks but you are likely to meet the creator of them too.  Unlike just dealing with a sales rep in some big corporation you can come and speak to the designer who is often open to doing custom work for you too.

A great example of this are some of the furniture designer's at the show such as our new exhibitor's, Father and Son team, Theuns and Daniel of Woodnewz.  They have launched a stunning range of small pieces inspired by the set of Modern Men. (above).

You can also meet Nevin at the Ikhaya stand - he is the one missing a digit on his finger, a dead give-away that he is "the real deal" and has worked a little too close to the blade!
Carine from Dodo also customizes old pieces to give them new life and the result is stunning!

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