27 June 2012

Behind the scenes - Part 1

We are busy putting the final touches on a project that takes nearly a whole year to put together!  So, here are some behind the scenes info and pictures to share with you.  I start the search for creative talent in October and start meeting and speaking to potential exhibitors.  We start our bookings from February each year to give our exhibitors plenty of time to plan and prepare for the show.

I then work on all the design elements to create some "cool vibes" and make the fair exciting to be a part of and to visit....thanks to Barry and Sam from "What's cutting" who have been super stars interpreting our ideas and making our stunning signs and decor elements....much appreciated.

Signs for the Homegrown Fair.... don't want to give too much away... but think doilies!!!

Hanging buckets in the Food Market...

All these need to go up....

In my Garden...inspiration for the food market....

Roping my son in to help....I love you Mom!

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