01 July 2011

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Come and meet Tasha from Tasha's Fantastic Fudge!  Tasha  has been part of the Homegrown Fair since it's humble beginnings 4 years ago!  
Her dynamic fudge business also started from small beginnings as a single mom's effort to supplement her income.  Tasha has applied her creative flair to the making of fudge and loves to experiment with flavors and combinations such as biltong or chilli!  Her original fudge is the most popular - still made with real butter!

If Tasha herself is not at her stand you will meet her son Darryl, Mr Personality at our fair!  He is such fun to be around and keeps everyone's spirits up when the long hours take their toll.  It is wonderful to see that Tasha has not only succeeded in business but has obviously done a "fantastic" job as a single mother too!
Tasha's nephew taking a bite out of a fudge cookie!
Tasha's fantastic selection of fudge flavors!

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