02 July 2011

Wise Buys

Well, the fair has just over a day of trade left and I have been thinking about the wonderful selection of products that have been available! In these times it is more important than ever to spend wisely and to make good choices as consumers.  I hope that you choose to invest in our local economy and support Durban designers.  When things are tight it is tempting to just look for the cheapest option, often imports, but this may cost all of us in the long run.

Mooi has some great ideas for buying wisely with a dress that can be worn 7 ways!  They also sell a very versatile shrug. Their store in Glenwood is a treasure trove of vintage  goodies and offers retail space to several designers to sell their ranges such as Blue Star, Tiger Lily, Miss Moneypenny, Josephine, Life of Sundays and Petit Pois!
I don't want to get on my soap box too much, but I guess what I am saying is the cost of what we buy is more than just the amount on the price tag!  Food for thought I hope.

The cutest cookies by Bon Moment Bakers!
Speaking of food...tomorrow is your last chance to sample some of the best KZN has to offer.  The Food Market Traders offer exceptional value for money and the opportunity to taste before you buy!  Don't miss huge chocolate brownies for only R 10!  An amazing selection of preserved meats by Wild Meats, a large slab of nougat at Forest Fairies for only R15!   Delicious fresh juices for R 10!  Excellent curries from Dolly's curry Den, quiches and much much more!  Well those are just a few of the things I have nibbled on this week!
Delicious fresh juice from Sir Juice - I love the Strawberry!

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