20 June 2013

Crochet Everywhere!

Craft is cool, it is the comeback kid of our generation!  No longer just for grannies and eccentric aunties, craft is modern!  

To celebrate this revival, our decor elements for the Homegrown area are a modern interpretation of a timeless craft! Here's to crochet!
A special friend makes these, I am chain stitching them together to make some garlands for the show.

For our hall decor, we have collaborated with Ukhamba craft who have crocheted onto the most amazing lampshade forms.  Our interpretation of bunting this year is extra-large chain stitch!  I love this apricot colour!

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Tina Cartwright said...

Thank you Terry for the tour of the Home Grown Design hall.
It's already looking great with the crocheted lamp shades so I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished. Andy Cartwright design house is delighted to be part of this exciting and innovative section of the ECR House & Garden Show.