24 June 2013

Watch this space: Homegrown Fair 2013

This space is in the process of being transformed into an Urban Caravan park with a difference.
Design on the Move in association with Mr Price Home is one of this year's "must see" exhibitions. Here are some behind the scenes photos, on this project that has taken months of planning.

 Step 1-Find Durban's rising Design Stars
Above- Wendy-Lee Douglas of Sketchbok/Dbn featured in House and Leisure
Step 2 - Persuade Natal Caravan and Marine to loan us their caravans to make-over!
From Left: Brian Courtis, Geoff Courtis look over designer Jess Binns proposal for The Modern Gypsy Caravan.

Step 3 - Mood Boards and Inspirations

        Step 4 - Designs and sketches

Step 5 - Selecting sponsored goods from Mr Price Home!
Wendy-Lee and Terry Angelos filling trolleys at Mr Price Home, Pavilion.

 Step 6 - You come along and view the transformation! 

Enter at Gate B opp ICC on Walnut Ave to come directly to the Homegrown Design & Design on the Move Features.

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