24 June 2013

Watch this space: Homegrown Fair 2013

This space is in the process of being transformed into an Urban Caravan park with a difference.
Design on the Move in association with Mr Price Home is one of this year's "must see" exhibitions. Here are some behind the scenes photos, on this project that has taken months of planning.

 Step 1-Find Durban's rising Design Stars
Above- Wendy-Lee Douglas of Sketchbok/Dbn featured in House and Leisure
Step 2 - Persuade Natal Caravan and Marine to loan us their caravans to make-over!
From Left: Brian Courtis, Geoff Courtis look over designer Jess Binns proposal for The Modern Gypsy Caravan.

Step 3 - Mood Boards and Inspirations

        Step 4 - Designs and sketches

Step 5 - Selecting sponsored goods from Mr Price Home!
Wendy-Lee and Terry Angelos filling trolleys at Mr Price Home, Pavilion.

 Step 6 - You come along and view the transformation! 

Enter at Gate B opp ICC on Walnut Ave to come directly to the Homegrown Design & Design on the Move Features.

20 June 2013

Crochet Everywhere!

Craft is cool, it is the comeback kid of our generation!  No longer just for grannies and eccentric aunties, craft is modern!  

To celebrate this revival, our decor elements for the Homegrown area are a modern interpretation of a timeless craft! Here's to crochet!
A special friend makes these, I am chain stitching them together to make some garlands for the show.

For our hall decor, we have collaborated with Ukhamba craft who have crocheted onto the most amazing lampshade forms.  Our interpretation of bunting this year is extra-large chain stitch!  I love this apricot colour!

20 March 2013

Planning for 2013's show - HERE WE COME!

Plans for our 2013 show are well under way and I can't wait to share how our "HOMEGROWN" is going to be "GROWING"!  I am feeling such a huge sense of pride in our city and all the creative people that I get to meet and collaborate with and it is welling up into a big ball of energy that is being channeled into a number of great things - one of them being the fair of course!!

So, I invite you to join me on this journey and come behind the scenes of this event that will celebrate our wonderful city, it's awesome people and our passion for local design, craft, food and cool living...

06 July 2012

It's the weekend BABY!

MOOI Lemonade is serving it up fresh on the weekends... their Homemade (hand squeezed nogal!) lemonade is refreshment in a glass.  Come and meet Dion and Fi, such a lovely couple and taste the real deal.
Also with us just on the weekends are Sue and Christine from Essential Herbal Products. These ladies are very knowledgeable and have an extensive range of herbal teas and herbal products such as their lip balms, just what you need for those dry winter lips!

Bright Sparks!

If your winter garden is looking a little drab then make sure to visit Glasshopper's!  One of their lovely garden mosaics or bird baths will add instant colour! 

Neat Freak has solutions for home and office organization sorted! This nifty product can keep your keys, wallet and post in one handy place!
R 225 - comes in Natural (above) and dark brown.

05 July 2012

Bright and Beautiful!

Our theme "all things bright and beautiful" is perfectly captured by Mninizo Trading and Decadent Deserts.
Thank you for interpreting our theme in such a wonderful way!
These amazing works of art are priced from as little as R 35!

Have your cake and Eat it at Decadent Desserts!